Leading providers of health care

Stellar Care is committed to providing a dedicated team of health care professionals throughout the United Kingdom. Our team selects nurses and carers specific to the needs of our clients and ensures national standards are met through rigorous screening, providing training and working closely alongside our employed staff.

Our aim is to ensure staff feel valued and are as respected as their invaluable wealth of skills and experience. Stellar Care offers HIGH PAY and CONTINUOUS SUPPORT throughout your employment and we promise the VERY BEST OF SERVICE PERSONNEL to our clients.

Carers for Everyday Needs

Our trusted team of experienced carers are highly sought after because they are skilled, experienced and adhere to our values.

Stellar Care care givers believe the respect of our clients is of primary importance and are always professional and personable. We value skilled workers with a strong desire to impart personalised and empathetic care. Our carers understand the importance of their role and how it can positively impact the lives of those in their care.

We are always seeking new carers that agree with our values and abide by the Care Quality Commission standards

  • Residential Care Homes
  • Mental Health
  • Community Care
  • Live In and Out Patient Care

Essential mental health care

Stellar Care understands that sensitivity and professionalism are fundamentals of effective mental health care. Our mental health nurses work closely with families and carers to build close relationships with clients and to offer much needed support and stability. We are seeking mental health professionals to work in hospitals and community care:

  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Psychiatric Ward
  • Outpatients Unit
  • GP surgery
  • Prison
  • Community Health Care Centre
  • Residential Homes
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