Online Nursing Education

Online Nursing Education

In the ever-changing healthcare landscape, ongoing education and training for nurses is essential to keep up-to-date. But gone are the days of reading textbooks and paper-based test taking. Nursing educators today are using online education to help streamline professional development.

Helping them do so, learning management systems (LMS) are software applications that facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of online education courses or training programs.

LMSs range from systems for managing in-house training and educational records to software for distributing online or hybrid courses with features for online collaboration.

Many universities use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses. Businesses and other organizations also use LMSs to deliver online training, as well as to automate record keeping and employee registration. LMSs are not only used in hospitals, they are also commonly used by other heavily regulated industries, such as financial services and biopharma.   

The LMS framework handles all aspects of the learning process. The LMS infrastructure can deliver and manage instructional content, identify and assess individual and organizational learning or training goals, track the progress towards meeting those goals, and collect and present data for supervising the learning process of the organization as a whole. An LMS not only delivers content, but also handles registering for courses, course administration, skills gap analysis, tracking, and reporting. Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate access to learning content and administration.

By placing educational resources online, hospitals can ensure that nurses are aware of the latest advances and procedures in the ever-changing healthcare industry, and with LMSs, employees can review the materials anytime, anywhere, on their own schedule.

Some LMSs even manage professional certification in addition to internal education and training, all in one centralized system. This is something important to note, considering that nurses must take continuing education credits in order to maintain certification.

As a nurse, how do you manage your professional training and education requirements? Would an LMS help you and your organization achieve your goals?

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